Understanding the Importance of Hormonal Balance Throughout the Life Span.

Sidne Jones will be presenting at Age Performance tomorrow, site Wed. July 19, no rx at 1:00 pm.  This is a part of our Summer Lecture Series and is free. Sidne Jones OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner   Healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and optimum hormonal balance are important safeguards for strong health life.  Sidne […]

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A Little Clarification on Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber in Regards to Aging

Last Sunday an excellent article, advice “Power Strides” by Patty Hentz in the Salt Lake Tribune was published. We really appreciate Ms. Hentz meeting up with us and learning a little more about our philosophy at Age Performance and helping us highlight Ted Belnap. I want to take a minute and add to the conversation […]

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Tribune Article on Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber and Ted Belknap

Below is the link to the online article appearing in the Salt Lake Tribune titled, case “High-intensity interval training good for aging adults.” It will also appear this Sunday in the Health and Fitness section of the Salt Lake Tribune. View Article in the Salt Lake Tribune >  

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The Reason For Keiser Equipment

Most of what we have in our facility is Keiser pneumatic equipment and much our work is done on the Keiser Functional Trainer because of its functionality and versatility. Eight years ago I agonized over not only what equipment to purchase but what brand(s) as well.  Because of our training methods I am thrilled with Keiser […]


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