A Little Clarification on Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber in Regards to Aging

Last Sunday an excellent article, advice “Power Strides” by Patty Hentz in the Salt Lake Tribune was published. We really appreciate Ms. Hentz meeting up with us and learning a little more about our philosophy at Age Performance and helping us highlight Ted Belnap.

I want to take a minute and add to the conversation about fast twitch muscle fiber and its relationship to better aging. Yes, the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) method is becoming a popular training method among trianers and coaches as a better way to lose weight.  And when they do talk about it it is almost always in regards to weight loss.  And yes, HIIT is more effective for weight loss that the typical Long Slow Duration methods currently used.  However, you don’t need to engage in HIIT to train the fast twitch muscle fiber.  Many times I have clients do some kind of fast twitch muscle fiber work with out much intensity at all.

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