Ted Belknap Sprints to the Finshish Line – Sort of

Yesterday, order Ted Belknap, nurse while his wife Dianna cheered him on,  competed in the 50 meter sprint at the Huntsman Senior Games in St. George Utah.   Ted was a little disappointed in his race in that he finished 7th and stopped 10 meters shy of the finish line, but not because of any physical reason.  He and and another runner mistook some markings in the track that were 10 meters before the actual finish line.  After he had stopped, Ted then realized his mistake and then proceeded to the finish.  Although being disappointed in his race, Ted said he felt very strong and confident with no apprehension while running.  All in all, it was a good experience.  Both Ted and I were impressed with not only the number of athletes in the Track and Field Competition but the many athletes from different states and countries.

Ted did have great success in lowering his times during his training.  His first time on June 28, 2011 was 22.6 seconds while his last time before the games was 17.8 on September 29 2011.

Great job Ted!!





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