My Best Friend is in Hawaii

My best friend (never thought my best friend would be a Tech Geek) is a Tech Geek who exercises 2-3 (usually 2) times a week and has had very good results. The question is, while he is there should he exercise or not?  What should you do about your exercise program when you go on vacation.  There are a couple of ways to look at it.

One way is to approach a vacation as a break from your every day life routines including your exercise routine.  If you have been working out hard and consistently it may be a nice built in break to let your body recover and do nothing. I don’t think this is the case regarding my best friend.

Another way is to take the “Active Rest” approach.  You don’t really schedule or take time to exercise but let the physical activities you do while away be your physical activity.  Take advantage of the swimming, snorkeling, tennis, hiking and even sunset walks along the beach be your exercise routine.

If you are an exercise freak and can’t live with out it then a vacation can give you more time to exercise without time constraints that might be felt at home.  When I used to engage in long distance running, I found that running was a great way to explore, take in the sites near by and meet local people.

I don’t know exactly what my best friend is doing or will do but I will find out upon his return.  Nevertheless, I am proud of his newly found commitment to exercise.



2 Responses to My Best Friend is in Hawaii

  1. Amber says:

    He ran sprints yesterday and I went to yoga 🙂 He said he wished he had a travel foam roller.

  2. Rita condie says:

    I am so offended –don’t we all think we are Paul’s “best” friend! And I’m so not in Hawaii on vacation!

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