Are Cool Downs Necessary?

All workouts typically include a cool down afterwards, as many people believe that is necessary. But is it really that necessary? Recent research may prove it is actually a waste of time. There has been this theory that cooling down flushes out lactate to avoid soreness later on–but that is a myth. Dr. Tucker, a South African physiologist says “we know know that lactate isn’t responsible for muscle damage or soreness, and cooling down does not rid muscles of it anyway.”

In a study dating back from 2007, partipants walked on a treadmill for 30 minutes–some of the group did a warm up before, and some cooled down afterwards, both doing the same thing (walking on a treadmill for 10 minutes). Two days after both groups worked out, the ones with the least amount of soreness were actually those who warmed up–not the ones who cooled down. So, in sake of time, you can skip the cool down, so long as you don’t abrubutly end a workout if it is a streneous one. In that case do a few minutes of light walking to normalize blood flow.

Here at Age Performance, we believe in the same things as far as cool downs go. What we do differently is incoporate foam rolling towards the end of the workout to keep the muscles from tightening and to keep them loose.

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