Exercise for Younger Skin

Put away the expensive facial creams, and cancel your botox treatments–the cheap and painless way for younger looking skin is here. Exercise. According to new research, “exercise not only appears to keep skin younger, it may also even reverse skin aging in people who start exercising late in life.”

It’s not a secret that as we age, our skin will change as the years progress–we see wrinkles, saggy skin, and the dreaded crows feet. But, simply sweating can slow down that aging skin, and it’s not too late to even reverse that progress. In the study, researchers took male and female volunteers from the ages of 20 to 84. Half of the participants exercise regularly, at least 3 hours a week while the others were sedentary. Skin samples were taken from the buttocks (because that area of the body is exposed to the least amount of sunlight) and examined each volunteers bioposed skin from that area. The results were astounding. “They found that after the age of 50, the men and whomen who exercised frequently had markedly thinner, healthier stratum corneums and thicker dermis layers in their sking. Their skin was much closer in composition to that of the 20 and 30 year olds than to that of others of their age, even if they were past age 65.” The research also proved it’s not too late to reverse that process with sedentary individuals.

The individuals who were 65 and older and were sedentary were given an exercise program, exercising twice a week at a moderate strenuous pace for three months. After the three months, researchers noted “the samples of their skin looked quite different, very similar to those of 20 to 40 year olds.”

How exercise changes the look and composition of skin is still not all the way clear to reserachers, but the samples taken on those who exercise and those who do not prove quite well that exercise is the key to younger looking skin–not nightly facial creams and masks. Start sweating today for better looking skin tomorrow.

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