Foam Rolling as We Age

Foam rolling is painful—in every good way possible, some say “it hurts so good.” Through any pain you may feel, foam rolling is great and extremely beneficial. If you don’t know what a foam roller is, it’s that dense cylindar object you may see in your gym that is about two feet long. Although it looks low technical, researchers beleive it is effective “at improving range of motion during an exercise warm up” and those who used the roller for “five seconds to a minute immediately showed a significant increase in their range of motion.” Unlike stretching, (which stunts muscles’ ability to generate force) foam rolling doesn’t affect any ability in the muscles to perform. Along with foam rolling at the beginning of exercise, many are using it after exercise and exercisers have discovered after foam rolling their legs, their “muscles were far less sore and better to able to leap and perform physical tasks 72 hours later than volunteers who didn’t.”

Yes, foam rolling can be excruciating, as you’re pressing as much as half your body weight or more onto the roller. It’s like giving yourself a massage, as you find the trigger spots in your body and release the tension and knots. All you need is 5-10 minutes to reap the many benefits, and can and should be done at any age.
As we age, it is very important to foam roll, as our muscles get tighter, and it will help with flexibility. Get yourself a foam roller (they are about $40 at any sports shop) AND come into Age Performance, where we have plenty and you’ll get a workout in as well.Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 2.35.12 PM

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