Motivate Summit

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A notepad all participants got from the summit.

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The UnConference board: meeting tables were categorized by whiskey names.

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Bret Lucas, Mike Brown, Paul Holbrook, Marc Halpern, Erica Lemke & Eleni Saltas. All trainers at Age Performance.

There are 168 hours in a week. In most gyms, clients come in for 1 hour out of that week. Just 1 hour out of 168 hours is dedicated to training. So what is happening the rest of the week? That’s the unknown, as well as a topic that was discussed this past weekend at the first ever Unconference for the fitness industry. The topic was simply, “What about the other 167 hours?”
As is with an Unconference, any attendee can initiate a discussion topic by claiming a time and space, or if you choose not to do so, participants choose between topics to attend and participate in. Each hour there were 3-5 discussions happening at once, creating either a small or large group of participants to carry on the discussion with. Topics included creating communities, empathizing with clients, fitness philosophies, and much more for a 6 hour day evolving around the topic of how to impact clients the remaining 167 of the week. The conference was held in Lehi, Utah, and 41 participants attended, including 6 trainers    from Age Performance. Now that the summit is over, we have built a community within those who participated, and hope to expand that community to make the fitness industry better. And, our hope as Age Performance, is to take what we’ve discussed and learned over the past weekend and apply it more and more in our training so we can better serve our clients, and maybe that 167 hour number may not have to be 167 hours in the future. We can diminish that number, to better ourselves and our clients, and finally the time has come to do so. Thank you Coach Steveo for putting on an amazing Motivational Summit, all of us at Age Performance appreciate it.

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