Buddy Training is Fun Training

Think of your best pal. No, it’s not your remote control. Think again. Have one in mind? Good. Now, what do you two do together? Maybe meet up for coffee or lunch, or chat on the phone for an hour or two gossiping about something super important, obviously. All of the above buddy time is fun and important to maintain those relationships as we go through life, so why not add another activity together–such as training.

At Age Performance we offer buddy training, as well as group training, amongst other things such as personal training and couples training.
Buddy training is a fun way to get with a friend and improve your fitness together. You’ll be able to work with a friend in a great environment as a trainer puts you both through a workout that fits each of your needs. It’s fun, it’s beneficial to your health, and did we mention it’s FUN? Grab your buddy and come to Age Performance, and don’t worry there are coffee shops nearby you can go to afterwards.

Below is a video of two clients (Linda and Barbara) during a buddy training session. Each have been working on core stability and posture. The Kneeling plank that Linda is working on really works the core and opens the shoulders, as the TRX row is opening the shoulders while strengthening the upper body. Great job, ladies!

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