Little Habits Go A Long Way

A few months ago I attended a fitness conference, called Motivate Summit. Here, over 41 fitness coaches from around the states all came together in Salt Lake City for this unconference, where we could all meet and discuss different topics in the industry. Being new to the field and eager to learn, I listened and took notes like I was a freshman in college on the first day of school. One of my favorite topics of the day was led by Seth Munsey, an excellent fitness coach from California. His topic discussion, “Using Tools for Habit Change” drew a large crowd as he shared with the group his new idea of using a pitch counter to create habits. He gave some of his clients a pitch counter and a challenge of 10 squats each day. So, each day the clients would do 10 squats either in the morning, when they are bored at work, right before bed, or whenever they could squeeze in just 10 squats. And they would click their counter 10 times for the day, a small number maybe for just one day, but after a month the clicker would display the number 300–and what an accomplishment that was. The next month, clients would keep with the 10 squats, and then add another exercise along with it, like a push up, and click in like they had before. I thought this idea was genius, and I wanted to do the same. So I did. photo-12

One of my clients was newer to exercise, but started with me 2 months ago with extreme excitement. She comes in twice a week to Age Performance, and takes notes on exercises so she can do them on her own–and she still seeked more. I introduced to her the pitch counter. I gave her this simple, hand sized counter that you can buy for about 5 cents, but when I handed it to her it was like I gave a little girl a lifetime supply of barbie dolls and ice cream cones. It was awesome, and made me just as excited. Her first assignment was just like the one Seth did with his clients–10 squats a day, and CLICK. Each time she came into train with me one on one she would give me updates, saying she keeps her prized pitch counter in her coat pocket and clicks it every morning on her walks with her dog. This week she made it to 320 clicks, and just as I expected, she wanted more. We talked and both came up with what to do next she wanted to start clicking in was water intake. This month, she will continue to squat as she drinks more H2o. Her squat has improved drastically in our sessions together, but that’s just a small accomplishment for what the real goal was–to create tiny habits that will last.

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