Importance of Hydration

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I had a great suggestion from a client last week suggesting an email about proper hydration.  With the heat index increasing and temperatures getting hotter discussing the importance of water intake seems very appropriate.
One of my favorite visuals that motivates me to increase my water intake is on a cellular level.  We have, oh, somewhere around 100,000,000,000,000 cells in our bodies which are made up of 55% to 78% water.  I like to think that I need consume enough water so that my cells can draw upon that water to even function.  If we don’t drink an adequate amount, our cells will suffer from dehydration.  They will begin to move water from inside the cells to the bloodstream in order to maintain blood volume pressure.  If cell dehydration continues, these sympton will occur;  thirst, reduced sweating, reduced skin elasticity, reduced urine production, and dry mouth.  Brain cell dehydration can result in confusion, or even a coma in severe cases.
As we get older proper hydration is even more important.  With proper hydration we can have softer and moister skin.  Dry skin has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling.  Another benefit is unhindered removal of wastes from our bodies.  Not having enough water can result in constipation and or urinary tract infections.
How much water should we drink?  Here is a simple formula:
     *body weight in pounds /2 = number of ounces daily
     *body weight in kilos /30 = number of liters daily.
If you are exercising then you should drink an additional 8 oz (.25 liter) for every 20 minutes of exercise!
Can we drink too much water? Yes, but this is usually not as prevalent as dehydration particularly as we age.  However, just today Gretchen Reynolds had an article about this subject in the New York Times and you can find the article with this link;
Think about the trillions of cells in our bodies which need enough water to be healthy and it is our job to provide that water.
Here’s to better health with proper hydration.

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