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Client Experiences

We have worked with a lot of great people over the years, see what some of them have to say.

In just four weeks working with Paul, my balance and range of motion improved. I now have energy, strength, my joints feel better and I am optimistic about life – I'm even thinking of going back to work.

— Anne, age 80

I'm a 86-year-old retired professional who led a very active life. Squash, basketball, back packing and river running were some of my pastimes. However, knee injuries (one replacement) and advancing age slowed me down to a sedentary existence. I thought my loss of muscle tone was a natural aging process, until I began a series of exercises with Paul. I was amazed at how well my body responded. May legs firmed up so that I can walk with firm, strong steps. My arms developed muscles that actually bulge. I now can handle heavy luggage with ease. All in all, I feel much better.

— Sidney, age 86

Thanks to your training, I was able to stay on the treadmill for the whole 9 minutes at my most recent stress test. The doctor was impressed because I had never done that before. Thanks again.

— Clayton, age 87

Life Changing! That is how I would describe Paul Holbrook and Age Performance. I began training with Paul twice a week over three years ago for bone strength. Two years later after I began I had a dexa (bone) scan that showed a 33% improvement over the previous scan, and , this without taking any bone-strengthening medication. I am now 66 and can truly say I am the most physically fit have ever been in my life, and, I feel great! Paul and his trainers know how to gear workouts to many age groups and fitness levels for maximum benefit. I cannot recommend Age Performance highly enough!

— Kaye, age 74

I have worked with Paul Holbrook and his staff for over ten years. During that time, Paul worked with me to rehab from a broken arm, post triple heart by pass surgery and various other age related health problems. I am fit and trim, lean and mean and I credit my consistent workouts with Age Performance and their competent and professional staff for my physical as well as mental condition. I taught skiing for over 4o years and I am still an avid skier. As I aged, it would have been impossible for me to ski at a level I wanted to without my twice-weekly workouts at Age Performance. With the combination of weight training, aerobic exercises, stretching and balance/agility work, I am positive that would not be as fit as I am presently.

— Clark, age 82

As a busy 56 year old woman, I find it harder to stay in shape than I did when I was 35 years old. Paul Holbrook's approach to fitness differs radically from the running 3-5 miles or being on the treadmill for 50 minutes 5 or 7 times a week that I employed for 20 years. His focus on fast twitch muscles, balance, flexibility and core strength has made a dramatic improvement to my overall fitness, sense of balance and agility that has enabled me to ski harder, hike further and just general feel better than I have in years. I appreciate his approach to staying fit while aging and I believe in his philosophy. It has worked for me..

— Teresa, age 64

I have trained with Paul for over twelve years, and it has literally changed my life. Apart from its obvious effects—weight control, the exchange of fat for muscle, and increased mental and physical energy—Paul and his gym have affected other areas of my health maintenance.

Two unexpected benefits for me are better mental focus and physical balance. Many times, these two qualities working in tandem have prevented my tripping or falling and possibly incurring serious injury. Paul's work-outs have provided my body protection during actual accidents, notably a serious motorcycle crash several years ago. The doctor said that my physical conditioning definitely protected my shoulder, hip, knee and ankle, minimizing fractures at the time and shortening repair and rehabilitation afterward.

Working out with my male partner has been surprisingly beneficial in terms of intensifying my performance (against impossible odds) and increasing my competitive spirit outside my professional work as a writer. We also have a great deal of fun.

I've told Paul many times that I'll stand on street corners to tell the world how incredibly sensitive, well-informed and well-trained he is and how that translates into my own high quality of life.

Thank you, Age Performance! Thank you, Paul Holbrook!

— Aden, age 74

It has been over a decade since I first encountered Paul Holbrook and his amazing ability and skill as a trainer. From the beginning I have been completely trusting of his information, insights and suggestions for a variety of different workout regimes that have over the years provided me with increased understanding in my complete physical self and my enormous abilities. His unyielding attention to my needs, physically and intellectually, has seen me successfully through brain surgery, thumb reconstruction on both hands and a serious motorcycle accident in 2007. This is in addition to the ongoing support and strength garnered from weekly workouts with this unique individual. Without Paul's masterful and expert knowledge of human physiology, motivation and the wide variety of routines required to maintain and grow my aging body, I seriously doubt that I would be as strong, as flexible, as confident and as determined as I am today to continue under his guidance and challenge, to live the fullest most active life possible, including regular rigorous exercise.

Thanks Paul

— Ric