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Buy American Cialis
Propecia Drugstore Com

How Much Does A Clomid Prescription Cost

Propecia Buy Cheap, Price For Depakote 500mg

1300 South 1100 East #202
Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

Keiser Older Adult Curriculum

Propecia Buy Cheap, Price For Depakote 500mg

Propecia Buy Cheap, Price For Depakote 500mg

You will learn the specific training methods used at Age Performance that have helped thousands of older adults improve their physical movement and function including:

Learn about your new Keiser Fitness Equipment and Functional Equipment

You will learn:

  1. How and why Keiser Functional Trainers and Performance Trainers improve function. Yes, machines can enhance functional movement.
  2. How to position your client or resident. Learn exactly what seat position and other operating adjustments to use for safety and effectiveness including, exact placement of each articulating arm for every movement learned, correct foot placement – no guess work!
  3. What movements or exercises to use that make the biggest impact on functional movement.
  4. Establish a large selection of effective exercises without wasting time on non-effective or even unsafe exercises.
  5. What the resistance ranges should be for each exercise.
  6. Why and how to use different speeds of movement for particular functional outcomes.
  7. How to teach your clients/residents to safely gain speed/power movement.
  8. How to get your client/resident to better develop their "Core" at the same time while using the Functional Trainer for it's primary intended use., i.e., upper back muscles or leg muscles.
  9. How to teach your clients/residents to use the "negative" or "eccentric" contractions for enhanced strength gains and for certain physical conditions.
  10. What modifications need to be made for artificial joints and other health issues.
  11. Coaching cues that will significantly improve the effectiveness of the exercise
  12. A simple way to use the Current Power mode for enhanced motivation
  13. A simple way to improve reaction time – Ready – Set – Go!

Booking & Pricing

We are a Keiser approved training partner and we offer sessions at our location or on-site at yours.

Payment must be paid in full prior to confirming a training date. Training on-site price includes all travel.

Call Keiser today with any questions or to book a training session!

1-800-888-7009, ask for the Education Department