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Our Services

Age Performance clients receive a customized program designed to meet their specific needs. Physical activity programs that address special needs for those individuals with chronic disease including stroke, arthritis, cancer, depression, Parkinson's disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and dementia are also available.

Personal Training

Personal Training is the most efficient way to achieve results. If you are recovering from an injury or medical condition this is the best way to go. We can customize your training to meet any needs or limitation you may have. Our experienced trainers are trained to coach you to make sure you are working efficiently and safely for optimal results. To increase Muscle Strength through resistance training we use Keiser pneumatic air. These machines are non-intimidating, easy to use and more importantly, easier on your joints.

Balance and Mobility

Achieving a high level of balance and mobility is essential to aging well. Good balance is the foundation on which a healthy and active lifestyle is built. We ensure that our client's balance and confidence improve with increase strength and the use of balance discs, wobble boards, flat agility ladder and other fun balance moves.

Power Training

Because of the rapid loss of Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber as we age, power and speed of movement is critical to maintaining independence and preventing falls. A direct link exists between power and an older adult's independence and ability to live life at a higher physical functioning level.


The personalized attention received during a one-on-one session is unmatched. A specific program will be created for each session designed to meet YOUR needs. Expect significant improvements in body strength, physical balance and flexibility.

Couple Training

"Something to enjoy together." This is a unique experience that works not only as a motivational element, but something a couple can share while developing a healthier mind and body.

Group Training

The social aspect of this personal training design is what makes the workout fun. Workout with friends, colleagues or family and enjoy a variety of exercises to develop the whole body.

In-Home Training

This is a special service for those that may not be able to make it into our facility due to injury or illness but would like to begin or continue a program. This is a great program for those needing to regain strength and to become more functional.

Gentle Stretch Yoga

A gentle yoga approach that promotes flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation using creative yoga postures for your specific needs.

Senior Games/Sport-Specific Programs

Golf? Tennis? Running? Whatever your interest, we can design a program for you to improve your specific sport movements and incorporate the connection of mind and body in the competitive event.