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We Are Not Your Average Training Center

Since 2005, Age Performance has proved a safer training alternative for those hoping to elevate their physical health in the comfort of an empowering, age-inclusive environment.

Our team has over 50 combined years of experience training people of all ages and abilities. From personalized fitness programs to revolutionary equipment and training methodologies, we’re committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Age is Not a Limitation

At Age Performance, we believe in a simple truth: that you should act your ability…not your age.

After all, when it comes to age-associated chronic illnesses, most have nothing to do with your phase of life, but rather, with your quality of activity. And this isn’t just a belief—it’s a research-backed fact.

Activity is for Everybody

Studies show that we can make significant changes to our physical mobility for better-performing bodies at any age. Whether it’s competing in an athletic event, recovering from injury, climbing stairs, or enjoying activities like hiking, skiing, golfing, traveling, or keeping up with grandchildren, we know life doesn’t slow down. That’s why we’re committed to helping you keep up, with training programs that address your specific physiological needs while combating loss strength, speed, and agility.

The Statistics Don’t Lie

Without regular exercise after age 50, we begin to lose a yearly average of:


Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Take it from those who have experienced the transformational impact of our programs firsthand.


Our certified team boasts over 50 combined years of training experience.

Paul Holbrook

Founder & Strength Coach | MA, CSCS

With a master’s degree in gerontology from the Fischer Institute for Wellness at Ball State University, Paul has clocked over 60,000 personal training hours in his training career.

Holly Michaels

Strength Coach | MS, ACSM-EP, NASM-CPT, CHES

As an experienced trainer and former college athlete, Holly is passionate about tailoring exercises to fit her clients’ individual needs and goals.

Brian Deede

Strength Coach | MA, CSCS, USAW

As a past NCAA football player with over 15 years of teaching and coaching experience, Brian’s enthusiasm for fitness fuels his passion for individualized training.

Michael Powell

Strength Coach | BS, CSCS

A dedicated rock climber with a background in coaching, Mikey enjoys helping people connect with a better quality of life through improved movement, strength, and mobility.

Emily Ellis

Strength Coach | BS, NASM

Fascinated by the human body, Emily lives by the philosophy that exercise leads to a better quality of life, and believes everyone can be successful with fitness, no matter the age or body type.

Michael Goltsov

Strength Coach | BS, CSCS, CSPS

Rooted in the belief that movement is as important for discovery and enjoyment as it is for creating our most powerful selves, Michael trains others to seek new ways to move and grow stronger.

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